Ultimate protection at truly affordable prices…

At Envion™, we know how important it is to give your family a healthy home environment. After all, we have families too.

That's why we pulled out all the stops when we created our Therapure® line of home air purifiers – to help you ensure the air your family breathes is free of allergens, pollutants, irritants, germs, and toxins. Our new Therapure® Tower air purifiers are engineered for maximum effectiveness and because of this, we outpace the competition

Our Therapure® line includes models for a wide variety of needs. So you’re certain to find one that’s just what the doctor ordered. And each model is a triple-action powerhouse of air purification, using HEPA Type, UV Light, and Photo Catalyst technologies to deliver maximum protection.

Tough on germs “but easy on your wallet” their attractive designs will make them a welcome addition to any room.

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The TPP240 model includes a 24-Hour Automatic Timer and is ideal for cleaning medium-sized rooms.

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The Therapure® 400 series air purifiers harness the very best in air purification technology, delivering maximum protection against indoor air pollution. With the Therapure® 400 series, you can appeal to a variety of willing consumers, including “heavy needs” consumers with chronic health concerns, high-spending technology and gadget lovers, and buyers for health care office environments. However, these new air purifiers did not sacrifice efficiency & technology for looks & affordability. They still utilize Therapure’s unique triple action purification for maximum effectiveness and cleaner, healthier air.

Product Details

Price: $149.99 Buy Now