Therapure® Tune-Up Kit

To maintain your TPP201 to factory-fresh standards, we
recommend the TPP201 Tune-Up Kit to ensure you continue to
enjoy the longest life and quality of your air purifier! This kit
includes everything you need to maintain your air purifier for
optimum performance.

HEPA-type filter

Your TPP201 has a permanent HEPA-type filter; however, the
process of vacuuming may cause rips, tears or thinning to the
permanent filter. If you live in a city with pollution, have a smoker
in the house, or have pets, you may be cleaning your filter more
extensively and as a result you should periodically replace it to
ensure maximum efficiency. Don’t worry, filter replacement is as
simple as cleaning it!

UV bulb:

The UV light eliminates airborne germs, bacteria and other
harmful viruses. The lifetime of the UV lamp is up to 12 months
of continuous, effective operation. After this time, the bulb can
still illuminate but the effectiveness is greatly reduced. For the
maximum germicidal protection, we recommend replacing the UV
bulb annually.

Price: $39.95

Product Features

  • Maintains your TPP201 to factory-fresh standards
  • Includes everything you need
  • UV lamp life is up to 12 months
  • maintain optimum performance


  • Model #: TP201TN3995S995