TPP50 (Only White, Blue, Black and Red Available)

Many people don't realize that the air we breathe in our homes or bathrooms may actually be harmful to our health. Indoor air pollution is now recognized as a serious source of respiratory diseases, and we are at greater risk during fall and winter months when windows are tightly shut and less fresh air can circulate. Luckily, the Therapure® Mini air purifier works effectively to make your home a more healthy environment.

The Therapure® Mini delivers cleaner, fresher, healthier air to smaller indoor environments, such as bathrooms, closets, pantries and other small areas in homes or offices.

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Color: White    Price: $49.95


Product Features

  • UV light helps reduce airborne viruses and destroys germ
  • Effectively captures harmful particles and allergens on easy-to-clean stainless steel collection blades
  • Neutralizes smoke and other unpleasant odors
  • NO filters to replace
  • Energy Efficient