Therapure Air Purifier Tower with Air Sensor

  • Patented HEMI-Spheric HEPA-type filtration is most efficient at removing allergens and pollutants from the air
  • Air Quality Sensor with Auto Mode
  • Photo Catalyst filter removes Toxic Fumes and other VOCs
  • Ionizer with On/Off Button
  • 24 hour time with digital controls
  • Permanent filter that never needs to be replaced
  • Recommended for medium - large sized rooms
  • Remote Control

Download User Guide (pdf)

Price: $249.99
Replacement Parts Retail Price Shipping Part Number Buy Now
TPP 640 Replacement Filter 29.95 9.95
TPP 640 Set of 3 Replacement Pre-filter 9.95 4.95
TPP 640 Replacement UV Bulb 19.95 4.95


energy star


  • TPP640