Heaters & Humidifiers

Envion™ Humidifiers: Good for your health –
and your home.

Dry skin… chapped hands and lips… sore throats… nose bleeds… even the flu. These are just some of the risks you or your family may face if the air you breathe doesn’t contain enough moisture.

But did you know dry air puts your home at risk, too? It can cause paint and wallpaper to peel. Create static electricity that kills computers and electronic equipment. Even crack and damage your furniture.

Fortunately, Envion™ heaters and humidifiers can help you eliminate dry air once and for all. Without breaking your budget… or turning your home into a humid, uncomfortable indoor jungle.

Don’t get sick. Get Envion™
Scientific research has shown humidity levels between 40-60% can reduce flu virus in the air and on surfaces.

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Four Seasons

Amazing 4-in-1: Air Purifier, Heater, Fan & Humidifier. Enjoy a healthy home all year round! This amazing product combines all the benefits and comforts of a powerful ceramic heater, a high capacity humidifier, a true HEPA air purifier and efficient fan into one space-saving and money-saving product. You'll soon agree that the Four Seasons™ is one product you can't live without!

Product Details

Price: $159.95