Finally Healthy, Moist, Warm Air for dry climates & winter months. HumidiHeat™ is a powerful and portable 3-in-1 heater-humidifier-air washer that simultaneously heats, moisturizes and revitalizes the dry air in your home or office. This sleek and easy-to-maintain unit requires no filters or cartridges.With three powerful heat settings, and three different modes, the Humidiheat is easy to use, easy to maintain and with the anti-microbial technology which prevents germs and bacteria from growing on the water tank, it's easy to clean.

Download Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Price: $149.95

Product Features

  • All-in-one humidifier, heater and air washer
  • Humidifier outputs 2.2 gallons of water per 24 hours
  • Simple knob control for heat settings: Low, Medium and High
  • No filters to replace or cartridges to buy
  • Easy rinse-clean maintenance


  • Model #: HH200M